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Welcome All,

This introduces the new Magnum Aero Inc web page.  During an Internet provider dispute a while back, the original Magnum Aero page name inadvertently lapsed and was snagged by someone with no apparent use for it and no aviation interest.  That name went dormant, so  was started and a dash inserted between magnum and aero for to get the page back up and running.  Web pages often aren't all their cracked up to be so, business went on fine without      

Various categories of mostly vintage military aviation artifacts are featured.  Offerings, when available include: actual aircraft cockpits, sticks, stick grips, gunsight's, bomb sights, throttles, rudder pedals, aircraft seats, ejection seats, survival/seat kits, instrument panels, instruments, glare shields, canopies, windscreen/windshield assemblies, radio heads, navigation and communication boxes.  Rarely are there lots of stock in every category. 

As always, the condition and availability of parts and collectable's varies and is unpredictable.  All items are offered "as is, where is.  I often say that, "The condition of the item is not a reflection of the character of the seller".  They are what they are and are marketed the way they were found.  This is a collectors page and items are presented with the usual disclaimers of "unless otherwise stated, not for flight, not suitable for its intended original or any other use, no warranty of suitability for use is represented or implied, no warranty, no guarantee, etc, etc".  They are collector pieces, nothing more.  If you are an expert or can manage to overhaul it, get it yellow tagged and make it useful, congratulations, good luck, if something goes wrong it's not my fault, or the fault or reasonability my estate or heirs.  Don't bother to sue there's nothing there.  I make no pretense of being knowledgeable about anything that shows up on the list.  Some of these items were manufactured fifty, sixty or more years ago under very different times and standards.  Parts descriptions are done with the best information available, but often even basic information such as the manufacturer, the type of aircraft it came from and what it was used for may not be known, so accuracy of descriptions cannot be guaranteed.  Sometimes the best that can be done will be an opinion on superficial looks.  It is the buyers responsibility to determine that the item is worth the price, nobody is going to make you buy it.  My objective is an informal, low intensity, low maintenance web page that is reasonably well stocked with a variety of interesting items and kept fresh with occasional new finds.  I am open to trades and "creative" proposals.  I encourage you to contact me with your wants, needs, tradable's and or unique items for exchange. 

Sorry, I don't sell overseas, unfair or not, it's too much hassle, too expensive and there are government imposed trade restrictions that have penalties with consequences.

An irregular and infrequent news letter feature has been added to highlight various aspects of what's going on in aviation collecting, simulators, cockpits and even actual flying.  The cockpit and aviation artifact collecting community is very small, everyone pretty much knows everyone else, so you might find it interesting and helpful to know what's going on.  Guest contributors will be asked to send in short articles for the newsletter.  There are some real craftsman with a wealth of experience and expertise out there who can advise on how to preserve, restore and/or display some of the things we come across.  I have the sincerest admiration and respect for those who have the ability, dedication, discipline and patience to maintain chat rooms and forums that provide a valuable service to the community, but this is just a little hobby page run out of a home office in mid America.   

This initial offering will consist of a simple list of items followed in the coming weeks by descriptions, and finally photographs.  If you see and item you are interested in and want more information, e-mail me and I will put that at the front of the list and do it first.   

Finally, this is my hobby, it is supposed to be fun.  The Internet is littered with burned out web pages of people who thought they could make a living from their hobby.  A hobby almost never turns a profit, a hobby that earns a livable profit requires a lot of effort, which by definition is work and not a hobby and worse is rarely fun.  If you spread controversy and cause trouble everywhere you go, lose my name, dump my web page, don't call, life is too short.  Also, I have a real job and they actually expect me to work, so I do that first.  I respect your time, money and merchandise and will do my best to get your purchases out the door as soon as I am able.


Roger Johnson